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Binding Options

Hardcover binding

A hardcover book (also called hardback, hardbound or casebound) is bound with stiff, protective covers. These covers are usually chipboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, leather or fabrics. Endpapers are used in the front and back of the book to attached the cover to the block of pages. Ends (as endpapers are sometimes called) can be plain, printed, or made from specialty papers. The spines of hardcover books can be sewn and/or glued. Hardcover books can also be wrapped with removable, printed paper dust jackets. 

Softcover binding

A softcover book (also called paperback or softback) is one with covers made with paper or paperboard and are usually held together with glue. There are several different methods for gluing softcover books, some methods being more durable than others.

Wire-o binding

This is a bookbinding technique that winds a circular double-wire strip through pre-punched holes in the cover and pages of a book. The wire is covered with a plastic coating that is available in various colors and diameters. The covers of the book may be hard or soft covers. There are a couple variations on the configuration of the covers which either conceal or partially conceal the wire-o binding. One advantage to these variations is that they create a printable spine.

Spiral binding/comb binding

These two techniques are similar to wire-o binding in that the covers and pages of the book are pre-punched. A spiral binding uses a covered wire coil, available in colors, that is spun through the perforations. A comb binding uses a round plastic spine with tangs that lace through pre-punched rectangular holes in the cover and pages of a book. Larger diameter comb binding spines can be printed with titles or other information.

Saddle Stitched Bound

Wire stapled through fold of cover and text folds. Commonly used for comic books, magazines, cookbooks, etc.

Specialty Bindings

Spiral bindings can also be used on easel-backed covers for calendars and presentation pieces. We can also produce block day-by-day calendars backed on a plastic easel. Leather-bound soft or hardcover books with gold gilded page edges are also possible.